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Explore our range of electric loft ladders today. Introducing the E-Rail Electric Loft Ladder Innovation Meets Affordability

Why Choose E-Rail?


We believe that Electric Loft Ladders should be available to everyone and our prices reflect this. - which is why we are only a third of the price of our closest competitors.

Revolutionising Loft Access

The E-Rail Electric Loft Ladder is an engineering marvel, meticulously developed over the last 10 years to provide top-notch performance. Whether you have an existing 3-section loft ladder or need an entirely new one, our solution caters to all sizes. We even offer a unique 550mm wide electric loft ladder, perfect for modern build trusses.

Seamless Operation

Operating the E-Rail Electric Loft Ladder is a breeze. It plugs into a standard 240v mains supply and efficiently transforms to 12v for smooth, safe operation via a convenient remote control or wall mounted switch, we even offer a battery back-up. Currently, our E-Rail can reach ceiling heights of up to 2.8 meters.

Benefits Beyond Compare
The E-Rail Electric Loft Ladder – a groundbreaking solution that combines safety, ease of use, and unbeatable affordability. We've reimagined loft access to make it accessible to a wide range of homeowners.
Independence and Ease

The E-Rail Electric Loft Ladder is a game-changer for those who require assistance to access their loft.

It empowers individuals to maintain their independence.

Safety First

Always Your safety is our priority. electric loft ladders are packed with advanced safety features, ensuring your peace of mind. From sturdy construction with a weight load of 160Kg. to anti-pinch technology and with 2 handrails, we've got you covered. When it comes to quality and safety, we set the industry standard.

Space Optimization

As you ascend to your loft, the ladder can be effortlessly closed behind you.

This frees up valuable space in the hallway below for others to pass.

E-Rail Loft Ladders In Action

Take a look at how E-Rail Electric Loft Ladders could work for you.

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